Govet – Your Digital Pet Care Partner

Whenever, wherever, Govet is by your side giving you access to instant “televetting” on your smart phone or smart device.

At the click of a button Govet connects you to a community of veterinary care providers, and Govet general trading co., giving you access to a range of veterinary practitioners, products and services.

Govet uses a social platform to display a range of care providers, from all over the globe, giving users flexibility in selecting the right care provider for their needs.

Be a part of the Govet community, download the the app today!

Convenient access to a range of veterinary professionals at the click of a button.

Diverse group of veterinary professionals specializing in different fields.

Digital interface with a range of features providing turnkey mobile “tele vetting” solutions.

Two applications, saving pets worldwide!

Govet has two versions available on the App store and Play store, Govet Mena and Govet Clinic. Govet mena – the public version of the application is for everyday users (pet owners) seeking care for their pets. Govet Clinic – the veterinary version of the application is for Veterinary practitioners wishing to provide their services via Govet.

All your pet care needs in one place

Anytime Anywhere

Become a Caregiver with Govet Today!

We actively seek and partner with animal care providers globally, and becoming a member of the Govet community is just a download away!

Animal care providers seeking to join the Govet community should download the Govet Clinic application, register a new account, and Govet will take it from there.