Govet boasts a range of unique features allowing you to care for and keep track of your pet’s health and well being.

Go! For a vet

Govet’s main feature is the Govet button, which allows you to access a list of registered veterinary practitioners who are refined based on the experience and ability they have to provide care for your pet. Users are able to select vets based on experience, specialization if any, ratings and price.

Govet charges a transaction fee for each online consultation, the fee of the vet is entirely up to them. This allows users to select the vet that both is capable of providing care while meeting their budgetary requirements.

How you connect?

Govet allows you to connect online via video calling, text messaging, and allows you to book a home consultation. This allows users multiple methods of information exchange, giving the vet the most information possible.

Govet will become your turnkey pet care solution provider, with a range of additional features such as:

  • - Virtual visit history
  • - Online medical records and history of diagnosis for your pet

Other features:

  • - Appointment booking calendar
  • - Pet tracker (coming soon)